Nothing But A Breeze


Bearsville Records 1977

CD Reissue

Liner Notes

Album Credits

  • Jesse Winchester - Piano, Guitar, Organ, Marimba, Vibes, Vocals

  • Marty Harris - Bass

  • Dave Lewis - Drums, Percussion

  • Bobby Cohen - Guitar, Mandolin

  • Ron Dann - Pedal Steel, Dobro


  • Mickey Raphael - Harmonica

  • Ricky Scaggs - Fiddle, Viola

  • Tom Szczesniak - Accordian

  • Jon Clark - Recorder Sax

  • James Burton - Slide and guitar solo on "Nothing But A Breeze"

  • Glen D. Hardin - Strings on "Bowling Green,"
    "It Takes A Young Girl," and "My Song Bird"

  •  Nick DeCaro - Strings on "You Remember Me"


  • Emmylou Harris and Herb Pedersen on "Nothing But A Breeze," & "My Songbird"

  • Anne Murray and Herb Pedersen on "Seems Like Only Yesterday"

  • Anne Murray on "You Remember Me"

  • Dianne Brooks on "Gilding The Lilly"

  • Nicolette Larson on "Pourquoi M'Aimes-tu
    Pas?" and "Twigs And Seeds"

Produced by Brian Ahern
Engineered by Ken Friessen, Brian Ahern, Stuart Taylor





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